Two Roads Diverged


Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –

I took the one less traveled by.

And that has made all the difference. (Robert Frost)


It was 12 months ago last September, when Bill and I were travelling home from the Badlands of South Dakota that we realized we were at a crossroad.  We wanted to downsize our home – sell the big house in which we raised our family and move into something smaller. Bill was all for that because he hated mowing the grass and shoveling snow. I was also listing more and more places I wanted to see like National Parks, state parks, cities, towns, whole areas of the country that Bill and I hadn’t explored yet.  We both love to travel.  The Fickle Finger of Fate had visited us on this trip where we met a couple who were living full-time in their RV and travelling around the country.  That trip home took 4 days – just enough time to percolate an idea – a decision of great importance.  We could buy a smaller house in a new community or we could buy a bigger RV and live in it, with the added travel feature we both love.

We were at a crossroad.  Do we go this way or that?  Do we pick the steady “normal” path to retirement in a nice house or do we pick up our roots and satisfy our wanderlust?  Do we pick a cute little house in the suburbs that requires cleaning and mowing (yuck!) and take on a new mortgage or do we pay off all our loans and take to the open road (I think you can see where this is heading).  Arrrgh ye be right matey!!  We chose the vagabond life.

‘We’re going this way, that way,
Forwards backwards,
Over the Irish Sea.
A bottle of rum to fill my tum
A Pirates’ life for me’

We are looking forward to seeing all the sights there are to see in this great country — all the places we had to drive by before and couldn’t stop.  Next stop, Williamsburg, VA which you will hear more about in future posts.  After that, on to Florida and then a sharp right turn to Utah and parts unknown.

Below is a picture of our “ship.”  We are happy to take you along through pictures and descriptions of the fascinating places and people we meet on the way.  Stay tuned….

4 thoughts on “Two Roads Diverged

  1. Steve and I had often talked about traveling cross country in an RV when we retired 😟 I’m looking forward to reading about all your adventures. Godspeed!

  2. It looks like I am the first – or is there room for just one at a time? Anyhoo – congrats and good traveling. I will view the blog with great wishfulness. Would that we could, but we cannot go and do likewise. Enjoy, be safe and keep writing. Include lots of pictures.

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